School Life

The Denver Academy school experience is so much more than the academic curriculum. We're proud to offer a wide variety of non-academic growth opportunities for students each year. Through extracurricular activities, athletics, outdoorsmanship, clubs and service opportunities, students learn how to foster leadership skills, teamwork, creativity and a love of philanthropy. 

Denver Academy also boasts many additional student and family services that other schools do not (or cannot) provide:

  • Our Counseling Department employs four certified therapists to help students and their families navigate tough life situations. Students may receive up to four free sessions with one of our counselors before transitioning to an outside professional. DA maintains strong ties with the community and frequently refers families to a variety of professionals who specialize in speech therapy, physical and occupational therapy, mentoring programs and counseling, among others. The department also frequently brings in speakers to address youth issues such as substance abuse, divorce and eating disorders.  
  • Aftercare. We understand the difficulty of being a working parent and finding appropriate care for your child during non-school hours. We offer aftercare for students ages 12 and younger between the hours of 3:00-6:00 p.m. on days when school is in session. Contact Kayla Chalk for more information or to register.  
  • Summer and Seasonal Programs. During summer, fall and spring breaks, we offer a variety of educational and recreational programs. These offerings are open to the community at large, not just DA students, and provide a great opportunity to remediate skill sets or just have a little fun!  
  • Hot Lunch Program.  Denver Academy offers a hot lunch program through Michael's of Denver catering. As Michael's kitchen is located on our very own campus, lunches are always freshly prepared.  Families have the choice of two healthy meal options every day and can order directly through Michael's website.