College Achievement Program

The College Achievement Program (CAP) is a differentiated, holistic support program focusing on academic and life skills for students after high school. We believe that all students can be successful in a post-secondary setting with the proper supports. CAP students work with specialists on academic and/or social and independent living skills. Students receive support through one-on-one meetings; text, email and phone reminders; and coordinated communication among students, instructors and parents.

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Students receive individualized instruction around academic topics that may include writing/reading for college, note taking, test taking, study strategies, career prep and self-advocacy; as well as life skills necessary to be independent after high school. The program works to hone day-to-day skills necessary for independence, including money management, cooking, transportation, career preparation, goal setting and self-advocacy.

CAP has varied levels of support to meet the needs of every student:

This support package provides two hours of individual support per week.

This package of support provides four hours of individual support per week.

This support package provides six hours of individual support per week.

Distance Support is available to students outside the Denver Metro area.

For pricing and other detailed information, call 303.777.5870 ext. 340.

Is CAP right for my student?

CAP supports bright and capable students who can be successful in a post-secondary setting with proper support. Some have diagnosed learning differences, such as dyslexia, attention deficits or ASD while others simply thrive within a structured support network. 

Please view our brochure for additional details. If you would like to enroll, please visit our CAP Admissions Process page for instructions and details. For more information call 303.777.5870 or email us

Current CAP students and parents can find more resources through their mentor's webpage.