College & Transition

At Denver Academy, college and post-secondary preparation are embedded in everything we do. From elementary school through senior year, our teachers are dedicated to the idea that post-secondary preparation is not only teaching academics, but it is also helping our students become strong self-advocates with the life skills necessary to make the transition between childhood and adulthood.

Denver Academy offers the College Achievement Program (CAP) for high school graduates needing additional academic and life skills support after high school.

Our College and Transition curriculum is holistic and developmental in nature. We support academic preparedness and we believe that social and life skills must be developed. Our programs begin in the 9th grade and a highly-structured curriculum is taught in 11th and 12th grades. Each student develops an understanding of their own strengths and learning styles, resulting in lifelong self-advocacy skills. Through close relationships with college advisors, students are able to successfully navigate and actively choose a post-secondary path that matches their learning needs. Ninety percent or more of our students continue their education in a variety of post-secondary institutions.

For further information or questions, please view our Post-Secondary Planning page, browse our recommended Resources and Links, or contact one of our Advisors