Why Denver Academy?

Denver Academy believes students deserve to be taught in the way that best suits their learning style. Here, students thrive, grow and become infinitely successful when their preferred ways of learning are honored. Founded in 1972, Denver Academy is one of the top schools in the nation dedicated to teaching students with learning differences. We are frequently called upon to teach our educational model to other academic institutions and we are completely and passionately committed to finding out how each of our students learns best.

Denver Academy is a unique place of learning...and teaching. Teachers in many other academic settings are constrained to convey information to one style of learner and in a uniform method, thus favoring a small percentage of students. Denver Academy, however, uses diagnostic tools to gain a detailed understanding of the specific skills each student needs to use to learn and be successful. We not only take students’ diagnostic profiles into consideration, but also consider social maturity and the academic subject levels in which each student is performing. By differentiating instruction and providing a small classroom setting, our students receive a more customized, supportive environment in which to learn.

"Nothing is perfect, but this place is as close to perfect as anything I've ever seen." - High School Student

A quick look at our students:
Our students (grades 1-12) are best described as having average or exceptional intellectual aptitude with a history of not reaching their potential in the classroom. Generally, their difficulties are due to a learning style that has not been addressed in their current setting. Some of our students have identifiable learning differences such as dyslexia or attention deficits. Others simply desire a more customized approach to learning.

Students leave Denver Academy prepared for a lifetime of success. After enrollment, our students show a significant improvement in their grades, self-confidence and study habits. More than 90 percent of our graduates matriculate to college and post-secondary education each year. As important, each student develops an understanding of their own strengths and learning styles, resulting in lifelong self-advocacy skills.

We invite you to attend an Open House, fill out an inquiry form or call us at 303.777.5161 for more information.